"Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle...."

"Hey diddle diddle. The cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such a fright and the dish ran away with the spoon." Yep. That's kind of how my past week (okay realistically it's been two) has been. But being a glass half full girl, and one who likes to talk it out publicly, here goes. So this is my cat, the one with the fiddle. Have you met her yet on my blog? Probably not. I tend to talk about the cute sweet ones. This is Saily, my 15 year old lady.....and yes, that is a normal expression for her mean self. This whole mess and spiral to my current funk started 2 weeks ago today when my husband ran her over. Yep. Ran her slap over in the driveway with our black extended cab silverado truck. Oh and I should also mention it was the night before my big Norcross Art Festival. Well, she lived. Yep. It's been quite a two weeks. (It's okay to laugh, because I certainly have!) It's funny how life runs its' course. And today it hit me like a brick that maybe I am not in the best emotional place right now. A HUGE sign was my crying while watching the Hannah Montana movie when she started singing the "It's the climb......." song. Crap. I've gotta pull myself together. So what does an artist do when in a funk......she runs to the drawing board. I grabbed a fresh canvas, got the paints out and then went, well now what? So I pulled out an old, old, old sketchbook. And man, sometimes God works in mysterious ways. Because it was just what I needed. This is my old doodle book. The book I drew cute, sweet, funny little drawings in. They never made it into paintings, or really outside of my home.
The book is full of fairies, farm animals and my son William's sweet drawings. I just smiled throughout the whole thing. I flipped the pages slowly, finding every page filled. Little black line drawings jumping off the page at me tonight reminding me of what I am so VERY thankful I have.

So, I drew vigorously on the 20x20 canvas a fresh idea. So exciting. The molding paste is drying and I am about to get the color palette ready. I can't wait!
Sometimes just recognizing that there is sadness in your heart gives you reason to step back, pause and remember what and why you do what you do. And I am so very glad that I am back to my old self again. Because I really hate being a grumpy bear. Ahhhh.....


Beth HF said...

Ahhh...getting back to the old self-it's my big battle right now (not to mention the "spirited" child). I have been a wreck recently too, my cat didn't get run over but I certainly feel like it. I'm embarking on a whole life style change because of Celiac disease (which you may have read) and I am totally grumpy. Certainly, I'll feel better at some point so I have to think positive about that!

Anonymous said...

I saw your amazing artwork at the Norcorss Art Fest. I think you are amazing..in fact, you have inspired and awaken the artist/art educator in me that I have began to do something with my gift(to paint and inspire others to do so), thank you so much and keep creating your beautiful work.
Nancy Stein

Jess said...

You have inspired me to get back to creating...I haven't found my niche yet, but working on it :)

Moxie Momma said...

I found your blog through Artful Blogging magazine and was just poking around tonight. I found this post and felt like you were talking directly to me. I just went through a funk and found that it was my creativity that pulled me through as well. I agree 100% that we have to recognize and acknowledge the sadness within us before we can truly realize how blessed we are.

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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