Sometimes It's Nice to Go Back To What You Know

Have you ever followed an artist long enough to see transition in their creative process? Take Picasso for instance...the Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism, those were major transitions in style. I have definitely gone through some periods, or stages in my creative process as well. From fairies, pears, houses, flowers with bold backgrounds, simple landscapes, Mattie birds, campers, texture series, bikes, collages, they are all a part of my journey. And then Friday I went whoaaaaaa. Jenni, seriously. What is it that you enjoy painting, what gives you that man I love the way that turned out so I am not going to sell it feeling? And I went to my den and looked at this:This is entitled Morning Rest. I believe it was painted about 3 years ago, before I smarted up and actually signed and dated my work. There is something in this painting that I love. I remember painting it on my kitchen table one night. And when finished I was like, okay, I am an artist. And have never let it go.
So last night I took what I started in Morning Rest and added my newer techniques of texture and collage. It's much prettier in person.....the lighting on a drab day is hard with larger paintings.

I am in total love with Amy Butler's scrapbook papers. They have the feel I try to evoke in my paintings. It adds such unique dimension when you add paper to your canvas. Just love it.

I also added dimension through the carving into the medium and filling of the lines with encaustic oil sticks. I've got a busy rest of the weekend with baseball tournaments and football games, but Monday I have several compositions ready in the sketchbook to go along with this new phase of my creative journey. It felt so good to be back the the brush.

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Lori said...

I really like this post. It feels so good to actually do art. Makes me wonder why I an not holding brushes every day.

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