Norcross Art Fest Wrap-Up

This past weekend was my second time being a part of the Norcross Art Fest. And once again I was not disappointed. I am telling you, these folks know hospitality. From the moment you arrive to unload your car (they are like ants on a picnic when unloading your car!), to the constant coming by with cold water, to making sure that people come to the show, Norcross (with the help of the fabulous Francis) make this a wonderful weekend for the artist and the buyers. I have to give a HUGE shout out to Valerie Dumas who came up with me Friday night, woke in the wee hours Saturday, helped unload, set-up and sell....sell....sell...... Which I did! Yipee!! The hot items of the weekend were.... well, not the original art so much, but definitely the smaller items like these:
My hand stitched felted flowers and custom bag tags were huge sellers this year for me. People loved the bag tags. You can't miss your luggage coming off the belt with a pink camper on it now can you?

Here's a view of the tent. I had a lovely neighbor from Florida who made stained glass pieces on my left. And the lovely Kathryn from Savannah who makes metal jewelry was on my right. So, yes, it was a successful weekend. And yes, I love my JOB!
Here's hoping you folks had a great time this weekend. And if you came by the booth and are just getting to my blog, welcome! And please come back. Gotta go now and check on my dear hubby, who by the way now has my cooties from last week. I feel for him, really, because last week I was really sick. sigh.....


Jennifer DeDonato said...

your set up looks so good.

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