Hello, My Name is Mr. Shelby

Mr. Shelby, my physics teacher in high school. The hardest class I had in the four years at Homewood High School. And I loved it. Weird, right? I am by no means gifted smart. I had to study smart to make the grades I did. As a senior in his class, it kicked my little brain into shape I tell you! There was something about the formulas, almost like a puzzle....okay, enough on that. Why Shelby? I knew I wanted him to be a boy. After the body and stripey legs were done something was missing. Glasses! And a tie! And then came the name. You see, the paper tie is actually made from a vintage grade book, from physics of course. And according to the grades, not many kids did well in the class. hehehehe....
So, Mr. Shelby, who always called me "Jeannie, not Jenni" this is dedicated to you. Because I really loved your class!

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Courtney said...

Hmmm...I may commission you to do another nerdy bird for my office at home. That would be really cute! Think about it...I could even pay you at Christmas. Will email you!

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