Oh Frosty the Snowman....

I just love that Christmas special. Old Frosty the Snowman. Here in Newnan we are lucky if we get enough snow to make a snow baby, so a snowman is way out of the question! But in my art classes this holiday I really went all out with special seasonal items, including a Frosty the Snowman. We made super, super cute banners see: The one above really loved hers....see all the hot pink hearts on it's tummy?
Each one was so different and had so much personality. The parents were very happy to see this come home!

Here are two of my cute 3rd grade artists holding their banners. I think they inspired each other a bit. We also made Santa pillows below. All they need is a little stuffing and a comfy place on the couch! So that's it for me this year for children's art classes. I am looking forward to the next few weeks off from teaching and recharging my lesson plans. These children are enthusiastic and very talented. It's a joy to have them! So I really want to challenge their talents in the coming months.


Pamela Holderman said...

so glad you shared them - just adorable! already thinking what I will teach in January and these look really cute - thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

Now, THIS makes me want to move to Newnan and enroll my kids in your class :) Very cute!

Anonymous said...

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