I am thinking this might work....

So I am thinking about getting out all of our goggles, scuba masks and snorkels for the next few days. The rain is unbelievable with umbrellas impossible to keep right side out. And shoes? Well lets just say there is no such thing as weather proof in my closet! My clothes are soaked, my hair a puffy mess, and I really should have considered my water proof mascara this morning. So maybe I should do as William has here: But with a shirt on of course. I don't want coal in my stocking! Have a super soaky Monday! Tomorrow I intend to stay home and cuddle the doggie, clean out the art room and finish some details on the garden painting.

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Anonymous said...

Here in Arizona when it rains just about everyone is happy. I'm with you on the clean the art room...I really should clean mine out too. Have a blessed winter day and stay dry or at least try.

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