The Creative Type

Are you the creative type? I am. And I do believe this gene has been passed along to my dear children. As a child, I had a Barbie house, it was a white 5 story bookcase. My sister Molly however, had the real Barbie penthouse. I liked mine better though because I could put the furniture where I wanted, there were no pre-painted walls telling me where to place the toilet or bed. I made furniture out of boxes and Legos and clothing from materials around the house. This year, my 7 year old wanted the newest Barbie penthouse. And boy, it has more bells and whistles (and toilet flushing sounds) than Molly's ever had. It is a site to see........see........Mailey received more Barbies than one could really play with. A pink golf cart, blue punch buggy, Nurse Barbie, retro bathing suit Barbie, and oh so much more in of course all shades of pink. Why, oh why aren't there more orange Barbie accessories?? But guess what folks. This little creative soul was on Christmas Day asking the following. "Mom, where is the candy bowl and the tape? I am going to make Barbie a dress out of candy!" (her eyes were like wildly happy with this idea) "Mailey, a candy dress?" She must have seen my look of complete tiredness because she then said, "Well, what could I make a dress out of other than fabric?" "How about some paper?" "I'll go see." "Okay. " And she comes back with tape, my vintage green velvet ribbon and the Barbie. Within minutes, Barbie was wearing this fashion forward green swirly number:
Mailey was quite proud of her little creation. Billy and I just lay in bed shaking our heads. "She thinks of the most imaginative stuff " he said. Yes. She does. The next day every Barbie and Troy in the box received a new swirly ribbon dress, Troy ribbon shorts. And they are hanging out in the penthouse having a New Year's party as we speak.

My creative brain is working on micro paintings for Naked Art Gallery.

Flower power frames for my booth at The Vintage-Flea.

And of course, a new batch of feathered friends. My goal is to have something finished before the 2010 bell rings tonight! I hope you have a wonderful evening!


Ludid said...

i found your blog a couple of days ago. i must say that it's been a great treat for me to read and see your artwork. what i enjoy the most is seeing how you have shared and are sharing the creative spirit with your children. this is an amazing post.
just curious: how do you pronounce your daughter's name? my sister's name is Meily (may-lee).

Cindy said...

I had the barbie townhouse when I was a child. A let me tell you how much orange it had! (it was the 70's).

My Olivia really wanted the townhouse this year. She did not get it. And was pretty put out when she saw the photo in this post. However, when I told her about your bookcase townhouse, her eyes lit up. I feel a creative project forming in her mind even as I type!

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