Living in a Hallmark Movie

My family and I live in a smallish community just south of Atlanta. When Billy and I first married and moved to Newnan I had some doubts about being outside of the city and commuting to work. Driving to the grocery store meant passing horses and cows munching on grass. This was something I did not grow up seeing and never thought I'd be a "country girl". 14 years later we are raising our children in this community....and it is such a blessing. As we rode in the Senoia annual Christmas parade Saturday night, all bundled up and waiving to the smiling crowds, I was reminded that this little community has become my extended family. There's not a day that passes that I don't run into someone I know (even when I am praying not to!). And as my Mother said on that very cold Saturday night, "This feels just like a Hallmark movie." And at that point and time, it did. Sunday afternoon was the annual Newnan Christmas parade. We participate in many parades with my husband throughout the year. This Christmas, Mailey and I had a new family to walk with. Our little Brownie Troup 10322. Aren't they a cute bundle of girls? And yes, I made the banner. And no, I will not be making any more. That's Mailey on the far left in the white fuzzy coat, and I am in the back middle with the silly elf hat on. I did not start out as a co-leader.....but my personality and inability to say no led me to be just that. (sigh with a smile) We walked and handed out lots and lots of candy from stockings. All 12 girls were there. It was such fun. Now my husband and son William walked with another crowd. And this float I have to say was just about the cutest idea ever! Who doesn't love an elephant?

Wishing you a Hallmark Christmas! Because here in Newnan, Georgia we are having just that.


Lori Craig said...

I miss a good ole Newnan Christmas. :)

Contessa Kris said...

What a fun parade! Glad you had a good time, elf hat and all. My parents have a house in south Atlanta, Fayetteville area. Probably 1/2 hour from you. I love that area!

Lori said...

How sweet! I love small towns.

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