About Those Threads

Like I said, the threads I am using lately are really coming together nicely.  In fact my art is beginning to replicate itself in all forms.  Take for instance this lovely texture painting of a bird cage.  It was inspired by the image below:

Of this birdcage.  Yep.  I am freaking out a bit over the new metalsmithing techniques added to my bag of tricks.  Wait til you see how I translate the flower texture paintings into jewelry!!
About the words in the painting.....keep your heart open.  Man I've been doing that lately. Like WIDE open.  And geessssh if amazing things aren't happening.  I know it's because I am begining to let go of fears and those whatthehellareyoudoing monsters from my creative brain.  I know my Solo Show has had a major influence on this shift in my attitude.  Of course it has given me a ginormous boost in confidence which is translating into energy towards working in the studio that is just flat out inspiring!!  So hold onto your laptops peeps.  This blog is going into overdrive the next few days as I share the journey!


Cre8tiveQueen said...

YEA! I love creative over-drive! Ride the wave girl =) I'm dreaming of going to the Art & Soul in Portland in the fall...so many cool classes...including yours! YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

LOVE! I can not say it enough-you inspire me! xo Renee

Millie said...

I will seatbelt in and let's take off!!! I live above Atlanta in the burbs and I would LOVE to know if you teach in the area!

sydney said...

jenni, i love that birdcage pendant! so glad y'all are pkay from yesterday. the storms were terrible!

Sabrina said...

Love the metal work! How great that you are able to express yourself on so many platforms. I'm on the edge of my seat to see what you post next.

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