Following Your Heart

These words just spilled onto the canvas the day I painted this.  And how true are they.  We so often lead with our brain.....going through the motions of what it tells us we should do.  I have so many crazy emotions swimming in my head right now.  From the show opening, teaching, deadlines for shows applications, trying to get our house ready to sell, etc.  I am IN OVERDRIVE.  Seriously.  It's at times like this where I tend to back away from everyone and get in the mode.  The "I don't need anyone" mode.  Nope.  Not me.  But in actuality, I do.  I need to be nurtured right now.  I need to be called and checked in on.  I need "happies" on my front door wishing me good luck!  I need the help packing.  I need to know you are there behind me when I am at my craziest.   So I THANK YOU all for the calls, the good lucks, the well wishes, the offers to help.  You have no idea how much it makes my heart want to explode with gratitude.  I am getting better at accepting these tokens.   At this moment I am the luckiest gal in the world.  Because ALL of my little wishes are coming true in one big happy filled March.  Yep.  Giant puffy heart moments.  xo  Jenni


linwood avenue said...

perfectly put! i know you are going to have a fantastic show and i can't wait to see what doors open for you in the future!

Catherine Denton said...

I can feel your happiness oozing off the screen. Thanks for spilling it.
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