New Threads

In early January I wrote a blog post about finding a common thread.  In the post I wrote that finding your thread is important to creating a body of work and giving yourself an identity in the art world. Here's the thing though, I fight that thread. Yep. I have a beautifully woven "mattie blue" and orange sweater hanging in the studio.  And darn if I don't I feel the need to add something crazy like purple to it every once in awhile.  We all fight the urge to create the trend, to create the what's hot now.  But truly, if you continue down an authentic path with your art, you will find yourself growing.   Now I'm not going to get past my stellar 5'4", but I can certainly grow in my artistic strengths and trust the journey more.  

The past two weeks I have been literally growing by leaps and bounds.  I'm finding my favorite threads again.  And trying not to use any purple!  One of my favorite techniques in painting is to add a texture layer base to wood, carve into the layer, add rich opaque paint layers then an oil pastel rubbing.  I know, sounds interesting right?  Here is what the texture layers look like while drying: 

When I do this technique the ideas flow so fast from the sketchbook to the wood.  Literally I was able to draw out 8 compositions in 2 hours.  Now painting the compositions, well that takes a little longer.  I'll show you the next step Thursday after the paint layers have dried.  For now though, I've got to get some rest and start fresh in the morning!!


Catherine Denton said...

Oh I love how you explained this (also in your previous post). I struggle with my thread and wondering if I've found it yet. Any advice on finding your thread?
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Felicia said...

I'm very much looking forward to the next stage of these paintings -you use some very cool techniques. by they way I LOVE the frames, do you make those?
Have a lovely day.

rachel awes said...

i saw your birdie on brave girls!!
i love your blog space!
gorgeous & dear jewelry!
& such a sweet presence you are!
i'm so happy to follow! xo

Micah Holden said...

i love your thread! your artwork always has your 'stamp', is recognizable right away. always always heartwarming to see!

Isabel said...

Interesting technique:O) Love how they come to life:O) Thanx for sharing:O)

Terri said...

I have never heard of this technique. I can't wait to see it painted! I love it. It's pretty even unpainted. Terri

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