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I seem to be spreading out a bit in the studio today.  Yep.  I started one jewelry project on my regular table last week and didn't want to clean it up because I'll be going back to it asap.  So instead I set up another table in the middle of the room.  And spread out!  You see, before Christmas I ordered TONS of findings for a new look.  I made one set of new jewelry items for my booth at The Vintage-Flea about a month ago.  And this week I decided it was time to finish the other pieces.  Finally.  I suppose I'm in a "checking things off the list" mood.  Most of the jewelry has beautiful dingy brass finish.  With lots surprise elements (like those clay birds...they were ornaments I found after Christmas!).  I really love the way all the pieces are coming together!

The pieces above are my original paintings reduced and printed onto porcelain tiles.  Beads were then hand wired for chain along with regular chain.  Oh, and they are displayed on my fabulous new mannequin half body forms that were decoupaged Monday!

If you are interested in any of these, come on down to The Vintage-Flea's Spring Open house this weekend!!

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garden clippings said...

oh Jenni....i do the same thing with tables. hey, whatever works right?

your jewelry sounds so wonderful. if i lived closer i would definitely stop by your show!!

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