An Adventure

I've been thinking about how to tell you about the Fair.  Ah.....the Country Living Fair.  The show I wanted so badly to be in for the inaugural year but let the whattheheckareyouthinking monsters tell me not to bother.  But in case you've noticed, I'm living a tad large these days and making decisions that are based no longer on the fear monsters.  Instead they are based on the fly dreams.  Yep.

So, the fair.  I am not sure what I was expecting.  Scratch that.  I was expecting BIG THINGS,  like over the top things.  Like make 250 framed tiles and order 1000's of business card things.  And well, that didn't happen.  Nope. Whew......Now, it was not a total bust sales wise for me.  It was a great sale show.  A normal show.  I hate to talk numbers because one may think that was piddly while another wow!  But it was a wow, nice amount in my head.   I sold some of everything.  Even paintings.  Fabulous.  Yep.  Well, not really.  Because I had these unbelievable expectations.  I made 250 framed tiles expectations.  And walking around talking to a few other artsy vendors I found that they too had the same sentiment.  It was disappointing.  There I said it. 

But here's the thing.  I can always find a silver lining. 

First, I had family and friends with me that made the weekend not only more fun, but made my stress level zero.  I was relaxed and enjoyed the show.  I try to be all big and do shows alone.  And ya know what, that is just plain stupid.  Because having more than one right arm really is nice.

Second....I did it.  I applied to a huge national show.  Got in.  Paid the $750 booth fee and did it.  That's something.

Third....the connections made where amazing.  And I have a sneaky feeling may be the very reason I was led to apply to the show.  Yep...  Dreaming BIG may be transitioning soon.

Fourth....I've got lots of stock ready for the Christmas season.  Now I can relax and do a little nesting in this new home our family has decided to call home.

Anyhoo, I've yet to locate my camera in the mess now in the garage.  I've got another show soon and didn't feel like hauling it all back to the basement.  And as you well know, I am now teaching full-time.  So.....I am in survival mode here in blogworld.  Bare with me please!  I've so many plans, ideas to share.  But dang if the time doesn't fly!!  But as the sentiment states on that super cute camper above....make the adventure of a lifetime, life itself.  Right this moment that is exactly what I am doing.  Living it big.  Making really solid decisions for my future in all aspects from family and friends to business.  Because something in me is reminding me that life is just too short to live an unfulfilled life.  And I am just about to bust with excitement for this future filled with joy.  Yep.


nacherluver said...

what a positively positive post!
yup. big things. you deserve 'em.

This Moment said...

It's great to see you seeing the positive side of things. You can only go up from here. Your story is super inspiring. I follow your blog because I love your creations and I love your vibrant personality, so thanks for sharing this.


donna!ee said...

embrace your silver lining! :)

Dianne said...

Glad your show wasn't a bust and that you mde connections and got to spend time with family and friends. At this point in my art "career" I can't imagine paying anything near that much money for a booth... Guess I'm not ready to dream that big!

Felicia said...

Good for you! you did it, learnt from it,found silver linings and made new friends too..... Go Jenni, go Jenni!!!

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