Little Bird Making at Art and Soul

Hey artsy peeps!  Well, this is a sneak peek into the world of teaching outside my Georgia boundaries.  It was a wonderful experience...I am thinking this could be a regular event for this creative chick!  Friday was the first class I taught, and we were making little birdie friends.  I am no longer going to be making these as a part of my regular studio so I thought it was a fabulous way to end their stay with me.  Sort of a pay it forward.  I had three lovely students; Christine and Becky are Mom and Daughter and then wild card Wanda.  (I am telling you Wanda is ME in 30 years.  Yep.).  Now I must interject I was not in the least bit disappointed in only having 3 students (one of my classes was canceled because she didn't have enough students.  Poopoo).....but I was worried that we'd be done by lunch and be staring at each other the rest of the afternoon!  Yeah, so not the case.  These girls worked through lunch and ended I think later than time allotted.  Not by much, but still!!  Woohooo bird making!!! 

 Below is the goody box filled with sweet treats, vintage finds, glitter pencil, fun eraser and more!  I also had lots of birdie samples and my favorite birdie book.  Each student received 2 patterns to work from.  Most chose the fatter bird.  The other pattern I've made is better on a sewing machine.
 Everyone had the opportunity to make one with long wobbly legs and one in a cage.  We all finished our standing ones, but I think everyone took the cages home a little unfinished.  We ran out of time and embellishments.  You can never bring enough junk to these art workshops.  I had a $50 shipped box full and still wish I'd brought more to share!  I think the best idea they took home was that felt can come from old wool sweaters.  And since they all live where wool is probably easier to find in thrift stores, I think the Goodwill best be ready for some artsy students soon!
I just can not thank these ladies enough for being a part of the day.  It really, really made my heart full.  It's a little hard to describe what teaching others does for my soul.  I know this sounds nuts, but honestly I couldn't create without being willing to share it.  It indeed takes a special person to share skills and knowledge with others willingly.  And you most importantly have to be willing to give up a part of yourself to your students.  And not get upset if one day, they become successful from an idea you sparked inside them.  Because the chances of that are pretty good.  If you teach them good enough.....hehehe....So make lots of birdies my new friends.  And I hope some of their sweet goodness will bring you good fortune in the near future.
 Live in JOY......are you??


Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

I LOVE these! I saw them on pinterest a while ago and totally forgot about them.

just one more thing to make for my new office =P

Catherine Denton said...

Sounds so FUN!! They're adorable.
My Blog

Dianne said...

I love these! I think I'll have to make a pattern!

Debbie said...

I love those funky little birds!!! They are all so darling!!
Great job by everyone!!!


Ella said...

I love birds, this is so cute!

Marisa Ala Dea said...

Birdies are very sweet, but what I really connected with was the passion and love you have for your creative adventures. Go giirrrl! (sorry, advance oh woman!)

Christine said...

This was the best day at ART and Soul!!!! Miss Jenni is a dear, wonderful teacher.....I can hardly wait til next year. You are right , I hit the Goodwill on monday, scored 7 sweaters, only one didn't felt so I am totally please and can hardly wait to start making more birds!!
Hugs, chris

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