The Country Living Fair

It's here my art friends.  It's here!!  My stomach is doing such a butterfly dance that today I simply can eat nothing but chocolate chip cookies.  The lunchroom ladies are cracking up at me.....I suppose they KNEW Mrs. Horne needed her favorite food group today in mass quantities.  hehehehe.....

So the Fair.  I am ready.  I've literally put hours into my new products and displays.  It will be good.  It just has to.   There is a core group of my artist friends who are doing the show as well.  In fact we are all piling into one hotel room for the show.  It's gonna be like an artsy sleepover!!  Woohoo!!  My family and friends are coming to help in droves and I could not be more thankful for that.  I usually do shows on my own now, just because.  But this show I knew I needed the troops behind me.  They are real gems I tell ya.  I am one lucky chick. 

As soon as school lets out today I am on my way to the dentist (uck....hopefully it's a stress toothache??) and then to load the cars.  It's taking 2 this time.  Yep.  I told ya....I've got the goods this time!!  Tomorrow as soon as we can Billy and I are off to set up.  I simply can not wait.  Yep.  Excitement, and cookie high are setting in and tomorrow starts a fresh new adventure for sure!!  I really hope to see you there!  Dogwood 81 is my booth number.
HEY...It's 7:30.  Car is loaded and I am about to soak myself in some hot water.  Had to tell you though that I went to the dentist fearing the following:  root canal, abscess tooth that had to be yanked, cavity or worse.  Yep.  I was swirling with anxiety because tooth pain, that I've never had it until a week ago.  And it has yet to stop.  And it sucks.  But guess what?  NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY chompers.  Nope.  Notta.  I have a big fat sinus infection that is lingering...and has wandered its' way into my frinkin' chompers.  Seriously?   You know this could happen?    Well it did.  Now I have some pain meds and an antibiotic.  And an appointment to see my doc....again.  I've seen him 3x since September.  Which is more than in like 3 years.  Geeesh.  But the show must go on!!  And boy am I ready!!  Woohoo!!


nacherluver said...

Oh how I would LOVE to go! You'll be a hit! Your artwork speaks for itself and to have your smiling face there to sell it in person? Done deal! Have a great time!

Artsy Matilda said...

YOU and your art will rock, as always!! The whole show will be a wonderful time. I hope to see you there! But one way or other I will certainly be with you in spirit. Best of luck, Jenni!

Christine said...

All the best with the CL Fair!!! Wish Becky and I could come, but will be waiting for pictures!!!

Felicia said...

First thing, I got that sinus/tooth thing once and you have my sympathy but antibiotics are wonderful things!!
Secondly, I SO wish I could come and see this fair, you will be amazing, your art is fabulous and you will only need one car to go home because everything will sell!
I'm looking forward to the update!

Dianne said...

You're going to do wonderfully! I wish I could be there! One day I will!

leslie said...

welcome to teaching school! glad the tooth isn't something horrific, best wishes for lots of sales this weekend, hope to see you Saturday!

bee good design said...

It was great to see you today. Your booth looks fantastic; you looked fantastic and the crowds were starting to look fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots and lots of sales. I also hope that you're able to stay warm! :) Becky bee good design

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