Country Living Fair Atlanta

Hey there!!  I know I wrote about the Fair earlier this week, but finally I located the camera with all the photos and wanted to share some with you.  I wish I had more of the show.  But honestly the only time I ran out of the tent was when I was running to the potty.  And by potty, I mean porta.  And folks that's just not a place for a $1000 camera.  Nope.  So you just get me. 

One MONGO advantage to this show is the setting.  Man is it pretty.  I actually would like to have felt a tad more sun since this weekend Mr. Winter decided to visit us in Atlanta.  And since the booths were also MONGO we got to spread out.  Like S----p---r---e---a---d out.  Sweet.  I didn't realize until I got home honestly how spreading out affected my body.  What are you talking about Jenni?  Let me explain it to ya.  At the Decatur Arts Fest for instance our 10x10 tents are butt to butt.  And you are NOT allowed to put anything outside the front of your tent.  So you literally stay in your 10x10 with your goodies in the sweltering heat for what feels like 48 straight.  Yep.  And let me tell you....10x10 can get tight with guests in your tent.  Hey, I love guests though!!  Here I was spreading out the front and back.  I even had a check out stand!  Yeehaw!
New displays for this show are my tent sign (luv), double laundry rack for framed tiles, girls are sporting new colorful tutus, and my favorite is the bag tag rack.
 Loads of shiny new products too:  magnets, necklaces, yo-yos, puzzles, earrings and more!

So here's me sporting the ponytails and boots.  Which after walking around a spell decided it was the vendor uniform.  Cracked me up.  Again, I can not thank my friends and family who came to help, some as far as Birmingham, Alabama!  And the friends and blog readers who came to find me and enjoy the show...some as far as Birmingham too!!  It was a lovely show...one I am not so sure I'll do again.  But boy am I glad I did.  Hey, you gotta get outside of the comfort box sometimes, right?

Next up is this weekend at MARIST.  Please come by and say hi.  I'll have a very miniature version of this set up there.  And can not wait!


Dianne said...

I love this set up! It looks like so much fun work! Love the braids and boots too! I so admire you for doing this!

nacherluver said...

Wow! Thatsalottaspace!

Looks great in the setting. Would love to have been able to come.

This Moment said...

What an amazing set-up you had! It is so inviting and charming! Would love to have been there--I haven't seen anything like it around here.


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