Painting a Story...Art and Soul

Alrighty.  Here it is.  The last post for Portland.  I've been dragging it out.  I know.  But seriously I could not shorten this first time.  Nope. 

My last class to teach was called Painting a Story.  The whole class was based on an article I wrote and was published a few back in Somerset Life.   Literally, I was just about busting at the seams to teach this!  The story behind the painting is this, we all have a story to tell.  Some tell it in words, some scrapbook, some take photos, and some paint.  I talked for a spell about this and how through images we can tell our story.  Actually I talked for a spell enough to make myself about cry, it was very hard not too.  Very.  But that is a HUGE indicator of passion, right?  But I also can't help but giggle, the other indicator to me that there is not only passion, but zest for life in my soul.
I just gotta say it.  Teaching a class like this was cool.  Everyone came prepared with their mementos to add, all the painting supplies I had listed and this amazing ability to take what I was saying and apply it in their very own way.  After my little introduction and "pep talk" about being an artist, we dove right into painting.  Maybe they can tell me better what I said.  I am most certain it was pretty profound....hahaha.....But seriously, I know I told these aspiring artists that honestly my goal here was to plant seeds.  They were not here to copy my work and become Jenni.  They were here to find their own authentic voice in the art world.  Geesh, that is hard.  Hard as crap I tell ya.  Because it HAS ALL BEEN DONE.  No lie.  Google it.  Your idea that is.  Done.  But what you make of the seed that is planted, and how you make it yours..... take hold of it and nurture it....and develop it.  Then and only then will it be truly yours.  And once you get that, you should totally run with that.  And you will totally know when it's right.  Because you will want to keep going and never stop.  Hey, why do you think I keep painting those darn birds, campers, trucks and bikes?  Because they are mine.  Puffy heart mine.  Ok, soapbox over.....onward painting class.

So here I am demonstrating.  We used the black gesso and chalk technique I like to use.  I think next year I am on the books to create rich and textural NESTS using the secret ingredients (whaaaahhaaaaa.....laugh inserted here).  But for this class, the technique was more about paint and collage.  I loved everyone's story and how they developed it.  It was awesome how everyone had such different perspectives.  AND different abilities.  Here below is a work in progress:

 And more in progress.  I love that some were about family, and some were personal journeys.

And here are my bird friends again, Becky and Christine.  Becky it turns out has a blog.  AND so does my friend Sheryl and Teresa!!  So please visit and say hi.  It's always nice to make new friends in blogworld, right?
We all took a break and ran back over to the Embassy for the start of vendor sales.  Luckily Tiffin was able to set me up and hang with the table while I taught.  After the break we dove again into painting.  They all did SO freaking good.  I was inspired.  They loved the Phillip frames and couldn't wait to pop their art into them!!  I know when I take a class I want to leave with something finished to show for my time away from home.  I think these ladies all took something away very special.  In fact, my Florida peeps Rene and Kara have already ordered more frames for their paintings! 

Here are snipits from all the paintings.  Somehow a few of you snuck out without my getting your finished piece photographed...hmmmmm (Rene).
Oooo..and the frames.  Man, those frames just make the art look complete.  Puffy heart there for sure!!  I have to send thanks to the class:  Patty, Teresa, Becky, Irja, Christine, Rene, Mary Ellen, Kara, Sheryl and Teresa.  You gals were wonderful students.  I was so fortunate to have meet you all!!
 Saturday night was vendor night. It was slow....painful. But still fun. Met the coolest artist ever. So opposite of me and yet I could not quit staring at it. Or chatting with them about their art. They probably left thinking I was some crazy blond from the south. 

Overall, this first Art and Soul as an instructor went flawlessly. And already I've got peeps joining me next year. I'll be teaching textural nests and what I call "The American Still Life" ...think truck, camper and bike. Yep.   See you there.....if not in Virginia Beach first in MARCH!!


Christine said...

I swear this day at Art and Soul went by soooo fast.......it was so very fun....I still say I can't draw....but because of you, Jenni I love my painting!!! I can hardly wait til next year! The best of sales for you at the Country Living show!
Hugs, christine

sydney said...

will you pleeeeaaase teach this again, here maybe?

Jenni Horne said...

As a matter of fact, this new basement is screaming workshop time. So yes Sydney I will be. I may even in offer it over Christmas break!!! Watch my blog for details. :)

This Moment said...

Such a beautiful class you taught and such beautiful creations that came out of it! I would love to live closer and be able to take one with you!


Suzanne said...

So glad you had fun in Portland. I went there 4 years straight and just missed it this year. I'm glad you liked your teaching experience. Art & Soul is just such a huge EVENT. I embrace everything there.

By the way -- love the S&H green stamps in your first picture. What memories.

Calmil2 said...

Is there a way to order those frames?? You were a great teacher because their artwork looks amazing!!!

cheryl.mccann said...

i'd love to hear your 'pep talk' about being an artist - care to share? oh and yes - i love the frames too - do you make them? tutuorial?

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