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I'd BIG plans to do this whole post on displays.  YEP.  Big.  Lots of images and such.  Found the pics, sent them to school to do on my break and danged if the system decided to regret them.  Geesh.  They were photos of jewelry displays!  So here I am, dropping back and punting on this one.  But I've a fun story.  So that's cool.  With lots of crazy long run on sentences that I am sure you will have fun reading.

When I first started making little jewelry pendants with my art on them I did not include a chain.  I just used a glue dot to attach the pendants to paint chips I'd taken from Lowe's.  Yep.  My favorite were the Martha Stewart ones with the bands on the bottom.  Loved those.  And yes, I took way more than my share.  No lectures please.  As much paint as I've bought from Lowe's I can justify taking a few cards.  Anyhoo, as I was getting ready for the show this weekend in the studio (because that is what I do....I LOVE the planning and staging period of a show) I was just not happy with the cake tier spool set up from Country Living Fair as seen here:

It was totally buggering me.  Plus I'd bought this totally cool key rack display at Resurrect that I needed to use at some point.  I have a display buying addiction.  I admit it.  And then it hit  me....paint chips....oooo...in my tablecloth colors...ooooo.....So I threw on my purse, grabbed Lily and off we headed to Lowe's.  And this is where it gets funny. 

Picture this:  I am standing in Lowe's with black shorts, orange tank, hair in pony and minor make-up on staring at the paint chips.   I'm grabbing said paint chips with almost a gleeful giddiness at my cleverness.  No, like seriously I may have been giggling.  With names like they use, who can't help but laugh?  I'd a nice little stack in my hand when out of NOWHERE comes the paint boy....a new boy btw.  I know all the paint people in Lowe's, and he was new.  And he scares the beejesus out of me.  "Can I help you Mam?"  I whip my pony so fast I am sure it coulda whipped him had he not been 6' tall.  When the heck has a paint person actually offered color advice in these places...ever?  My reply, "um....no.  Just had a few minutes and wanted to check out paint chips."  And he says, "Well are you looking for any particular color, you have quite an assortment there?"  Me:  "Oh, I know.  I just love all these fun colors.  I am wanting to do something totally fun in my laundry room.  Like stripes in ALL these colors."  And I am SURE I was smiling and batting my blue eyes and giggling and praying to goodness he was buying my load of...well..poo.  And then thank heavens the real paint man needed him.  So I moved my body to the next section and acted like I was comparing colors.  But I was really sneaking more into my purse.  Because at this point I was sweating.  And then I ran outta that store like a mad woman.  Jumped in the Jeep, came home and drank a cold beer on the porch and started laughing at myself!!!  And then put these together:
So attaching these to the cards was a little complicated.  If you are interested in this sorta thing here's what I did:
1. punched 3 holes in the top of the card
2.  using a glue dot (I have a slight obsession with this product.  I have them in every size and thickness made.) I attached the cabochon to the card
3.  slipped the chain through the holes on the left and right sides

4.  cut the top zipper portion of an embroidery baggy off (another little thing I collect are little baggies of all size and shapes.  like I CAN not leave Hobby Lobby without buying little baggies.  crazy.)
5.  attached a glue dot strip to the baggy and attached it to card (yes, they make glue dot strips not just dots.)
6.  gently placed the extra chain in the baggy
7.  hung on the awesome vintage key display!
I love this display with all the pops of color.  And the pendants show so much better on the cards front and center than when hanging on the display above.  Sometimes it is ALL about the packaging and presenting.  Hey, I love this product, but now that they are displayed better, it's even better!  And priced a little less too I think they will fly off the key rack!

I've got a slew of display ideas up my sleeve, so please don't ever hesitate to email me your questions about how I make my displays or even if you just need an idea.  I'd be more than happy to offer advice!


linwood avenue said...

love the jewelry cards. also kinda love your laundry room painted in random stripes. maybe it won't be a fib after all!

Felicia said...

They look great, our paint cards come in strips of colours here and wouldn't work at all -
great display, I hope it sells out!

nacherluver said...

Oh my goodness! I think I might have had as much fun reading your post as you did in the process of picking out your paint cards!!! Ha ha ha! Fun!!!!
Love, love, love!!!!

JoyaJewelry said...

Love this new display! It really does make all your necklaces pop! Cute story:) see ya Saturday :-)

miss bennett said...

Those look awesome! And great story. Check out these other ideas for paint chips.

JJoy said...

Jenni, thanks so much for sharing your display ideas...brilliant!!

Beth HF said...

I LOVE that display and those colors! I was just in Home Depot the other day gathering many a paint chip in arrays of colors (yep-no one really cares). I have my 6th graders play MIX that color when we are learning about color theory. They pull a color out of the grab bag, voila "asparagus evening" and they are off to waste tons of paint trying to mix it- actually, we use it all but you can imagine:)

Fearless Beader said...

Super cute necklaces; love your paintings and jewelry! Fun posts!

Fearless Beader said...

Super cute necklaces; love your paintings and jewelry! Fun posts!

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