Houses and Birds

I Peeps I am branching out and just enjoying my studio time so much.  I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.  But it's just nice to have a  flow of images coming.  I've painted whimsical houses in the past...like way past.  I loved and was super inspired by Lisa Kaus's houses many years ago.  Not even sure she makes them anymore.  They were cut out into house shapes and paint oh so cute.  Layers of textures and markings.  There are 2 of these now for sale!  And more to come for sure.
I've now used up all my boards for encaustics.  Dang.  But I've got a slew of boards for acrylics so today I am cleaning up the wax for a spell and getting out the water and acrylics!  Fun times ahead. 

We are at the start Spring Break, which couldn't have come at a better time.  The Acworth show is week after.  I have TONS to do.  Like holy crapper what am I going to do TONS.  Working full-time prior to the show.....not liking that too much either.  It's stressing me out actually.  Because I had a really cool routine and it will have to be very altered.  Yep.  My point with all this rambling is that I am taking a blog break this week.  Just letting you know so you don't worry about me.  I am fine and dandy.  Chilling in the home we love and taking advantage of no plan.  None.  Zero.  I may not even shower one day because I can.  I may try out the rope swing in the woods.  I may take a long walk around the PTC lake while kids ride bikes.  I may go junking in Atlanta.  I may pull a creative all  nighter and regret it the next day.  I may drink margarita because that sounds good to me right now.  I may eat popcorn for dinner because that also sounds good.

Anyhoo....no plan.  And lots of work to create.  It's going to be a fabulous week!  Oh, and I do hope you've made plans to come to the Acworth show.  The show director said the town is beyond excited to host the event and knowing Francis, she has pulled some A+ artists together for a wonderful show.  Woohooo!!  See ya back here next week.

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Jill said...

This is really lovely.

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