Weekend Plans Anyone?

This is one busy weekend for the Horne family.  Crazy how everything falls on one weekend, right? Well...come to think about it everything falls every weekend for us come Spring!  William and Billy will be attending the State 4H BB Gun tournament Friday and Saturday.  I am officially William's coach, like pictured below....but you'll see why Billy had to pinch hit for me in a second.
Then they will drive like mad men to get William to Lagrange for day two of a baseball tournament.  Yep.  He's missing all the games on Saturday to shoot BB guns.    We have the coolest hobbies.  I am being serious. 
 In the meantime, Mailey Grace is hanging with her Nana to do Girl Scouts Friday night and a Saturday walk about collecting for the local pet shelter.  Working on that Bronze award!!  Dang she is cute in that uniform.
This one is headed to Happy Times.  Literally.  It's called that and it is that for her.  She LOVES her camp weekends.  Like comes home so bezerk telling us all about it love.   The cats are on their own for the weekend.  I am thinking they are going to be doing their own happy dance to have us humans and that dog out of the lair.  (oh and photoed with Lily is Roo.  he'll be at Nana's too)
And then there's me.  Momma bear.  Who is so beyond excited to be headed to a new Art Show!!!!

Yep.. Show time guys!!  Come on out this weekend to Acworth, Georgia for the first ever art festival in their community.  Acworth Art Fest!!!!!  Very exciting.  Very.  I am going Solo, although many artsy peeps are in the show as well.  I'm staying in a hotel.  Oh geesh.  A hotel.  By myself.  Dear goodness I can not wait.  I've not had a night to myself in so long I am hoping I actually wake up in time to set up!  (that would be 5am guys....did you know that?)

I hope to get to see you here!!  I love to meet blog readers.....oh yeah!  Woohooo..selling art.  Making friends.  It's gonna be great!  Especially if I sell lots of ART!
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