Oh...Spring Break

Spring Break.  All the things I said I was going to do like stay in my Pj's all day and pull a creative all nighter...well...I may have or may have not done all the things I listed.  But here are some things I did do.  All were REALLY needed.  Yep.  All ALL enjoyed!!

Sat in the chair above for so long my tush went numb.  And then sat in the chair below until my skin felt toasty.  Got up, cooled off and then sat back down.
Made yummy cookie dough...I mean cookies with Mailey.  We make the best cookies together.  And yes they are perfectly round and browned.  I have a secret tool for this.  Oh, yeah.  And my tummy felt them all day and all night.  Although I'll admit cookies and Sweetwater 420 are not good together.  Even when eaten on the porch. 
And lastly, I did a ton of this below.  I feel like I'm falling in love all over again with painting.  I think it's the time away.  It did me such good.

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