A Sticky Note Post

So here's a sticky note list for you...incase you didn't already have enough on your plate already.  These are things I think you should add.  hehehee.....aren't you glad to have a friend like me?

1.  Like Jenni Horne Studios on facebook.  It's where I post the inside scoop on things like #2.
2.  Sign up for a Paint Something workshop!!  More information here.
3.  Tell your friends about #2 and bring them along.  We are going to have a FABULOUS time.  And there will be give-aways.  Cool stuff.  You know, like stuff I've made and all.  Ooo...and food.  What good Southern gal wouldn't have yummy food at her partay? 
4.  Come find me at the Dunwoody Art Festival.  It's my semi-retirement party from the circus, I mean art shows.  I may be doing some deal breaking sales.  It's Mother's Day weekend.  That's 2 weeks actually I have 3!! from now.  I am not panicking or anything of the sorts.  No really, I'm not.  I just literally unloaded the van from the last show right by the back door so all I gotta do is load and roll.  Well, pray my van starts this time.  Orange van really should be the color yellow. I think in it's previous life it was.
5.  Start following the 52 Canvases journey.  I'm 6 weeks into the project.  BTW, I am thinking I should have started backwards because it's making me feel older counting forward.  So I am 6 weeks older than when I started.  Geesh.  I thought 40 was old.  Now I'm just older.

Well, that's it for the notes.  I do hope you'll join me for the Paint Something workshops in my studio above.  I am already so thrilled with the sign-ups!!  See you back later this week.  I've got SO many paintings to share.


Debbie said...

Love your space, so very fun and colorful, what a great place to create!!!


sydney said...

Jenni, duh I will for sure be at Dunwoody!!! And I am so going to sign up for your workshop. I'm going to email you now.

Anonymous said...

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