A Karma Meeting with Christina Perri

Wait...who is that with me???  Oh yeah, that's Christina Perri!  Ekkkkkkk!!!!!!
Ok...Ok...let's back it up a second why don't we?  I mean last you heard from me I was laid up, licking wounds and doing some serious pouting here in blogland.  What happened to turn life around?  Well this is what happened.  Friday I got to Dr. Burson and he worked his ear magic on me.  Now, it's not an immediate relief....but the road to mend is like a light at the end of the dark tunnel.  Whew.  Friday night is a blur...mostly because I was on heavy medication.  Yeah...magic wand remember?

Saturday morning I woke up and set out for my Saturday training run of 8 miles.  No really.  8 miles.  I've never run that far in my entire life.  I know I've told you about the big race and all.  I've not bored with with the training part because well, it's a bit like how I shower.  That's personal.  Right?  But Saturday was huge.  And it felt great.    I kept an amazing minute mile, feeling like a freaking gazelle the entire time....all the while listening to tunes and mentally motivating myself.  I also remembered that my word of the year is warrior.  Dang but if that's not appropriate now!  8 miles ended right at my doorstep.  Total bliss.

Then I set about the rest of the day getting ready for the PSW workshop and painting the 52 canvas.  It was a very quiet day.  We all kept to ourselves really, guess the Horne family all needed a break from one another!  And then came Saturday night. 
 A few months back Tiffin had texted Joy and I to see if we wanted to go to Jason Mraz.  Sure, why not.  I love music.  Oh...and she added that Christina Perri was opening for him.  WHAT?????  Holy Cheeeeeeeese cracker!!  She is my music muse while I paint. Really.  I was dying.  And super excited for Saturday to roll around.  So we got there, got our chairs all set and I trucked down to the t-shirt booth for Mailey and I a shirt.  She happens to be Mailey's favorite music artist right now too.  At the counter I asked the guy for the Christina shirts and said, "I'm getting this one for my daughter.  She loves Christina Perri....and I didn't bring her."  So the guy says......"Let me do even better for her.  Here's an armband.   When she gets done singing show up on this side of the building and she'll sign an autograph and you can get your picture with her."  "WHAT??????"  Of course I call Mailey and she was a little jealous...but excited at the same time.  So after she sang Joy and I ran down.  Were about 5th in line (only 50 arm bands handed out) and I got Mailey a CD signed and my pic with her.  I also showed her the painting I did based on her song, Jar of Hearts.   She was so stinking cute and tiny.  And after playing for 45 minutes looked awesome.  My hair after 45 minutes of outside time had gone completely frizzy and nuts!  My hair does not like southern weather period.  It was muggy and had just rained, even worse!
Sunday was the PSW class.  We rocked the house...literally.  The class was spilling out all over the basement.  And boy did these ladies crank out amazing works of art.  I truly feel blessed to have met so many of you.  And to be the one that guides you on your own creative journey, well that part makes my heart very, very full!!  After the class I finished up the 52 Canvas...it is just so charming.  Look for it later on the 52 blog.  And then......well I hit the porch.  Yep....I joked with my PSW gals that I am in total love with my porch and LMN.  Last  night was even better because it rained!  I love a little rain and wine with my porch.  It was a great way to unwind and prepare myself for the week!
This week there's not much on our plates, just normal living.  Looking forward to it really.  And hopefully  by the end of the week I'll be able to share some mongo news with ya.  Like humongous  news!!  You gonna be super excited!!!  I know we are about it!!!!!  So see ya later gaters.....


kimhicksartist.blogspot.com said...

Oh,as I was reading your post and listening to Jason Mraz (who I have been painting to lately), I won't give up! As I was singing way to loud (according to my son)I scrolled down to see you in front of his picture......wow the Karma seems to be continuing :)
P.S.Glad you are back running!

Christina Perri said...

When she gets done singing show up on this side of the building and she'll sign an autograph and you can get your picture with her." I love this ! Great photos!

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