Hi-Ho Cheerio!

This tiny painting (5x7) is headed off to the Naked Art Gallery....fresh paintings for my favorite gallery.  Again, part of the online class I took this summer.  First challenge:  painting tiny.  Not my favorite thing to do.  Second challenge:  painting with only the primary colors.  Mixing my own other colors.  Not using the bazillion ones I own.  Challenge Three:  Using chalk pastels on the canvas.  Yeah.  Really.  LUV it.  Gotta say those $100 pastels I had to have for a class are finally finding a use for themselves other than looking pretty.  Pastels are so very pretty.  Challenge Four:  Giving all these up.  Because I am liking them all.


Dianne said...

Love this! Love the colors and texture! I have a (or 2) question though... How are you combining the dry pastels with the acrylics? And how do you fix it so you don't have to use glass in framing? Thanks!

Isabel said...

Love this one:O) I have a hard time painting too big:) And love using pastels with my acrylics.:O)

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