Pug Cuteness

This is Pumba:
Sometimes I get asked to do paintings that after I say yes think, oh geesh....how do I paint that?  And this was one of those moments.  Sweet Pumba's parents asked me back in April to do this.  And, well, you know my custom painting issues.  But I suppose every painting is painted at the right time.  Because he turned out so stinking cute!  I captured those teeth to a tee.  The quote I added just because of the sense I got from the owners that this was their baby.  I get that.  My Lily is the same.  I miss her when I teach at school.  At home she's always under foot.
Good times I tell ya in the studio these days.  More coming soon.  I've got 4 custom paintings under way now.  Woohooo!!!


Jenni said...

That is adorable, he seems real and ready to jump out of the painting with excitement. I'm sure they will cherish this. so great!

Dianne said...

Very cute! And yes that is what life is about!

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