Neon Pink

So neon pink.  Yeah.  Totally reminds me of 7th grade when my sister HAD to have the black pants, neon suspenders and perhaps neon gloves for Christmas.  Yeah...she was stylin'.  I was not into the neon trend.   I remember thinking it was a tad tacky.  This is coming from the girl who LIVED in the Laura Ashley store at the Galleria and still has hanging her her closet a green corduroy sailor dress.  Yes...that's me in 7th grade.  Remember the RELAX neon tees?  Ekkk.....What the heck was up with fashion back then?  Until I fell head over heels in love with the above paint I did not get the whole black light glow in the dark excitement.  It gives just enough surprise to my paintings...enough to make my heart flutter at its' specialness.  Yes.  That is a word in my dictionary.  And yes.  It's neon.  Pink.  Who'd have ever thought that?

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Isabel said...

One of my FAVorITE colors:O)

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