A Strange Week

Morning friends!  This has been one strange week.  From dream time to daytime, my week has been nothing of normalcy.  So what am I to do...well share it with you!  Because you are just going to not believe it either.  First though, I have to say that this year has already started off on a better foot.  No pun intended when you see how the week started obviously!  But seriously, already knowing all but one grade level has helped tremendously with the stress of starting a new school year.  Last year I had to learn over 400 names!!  And since I stink at names (and birthdays) it was a true struggle.  Plus honestly the 5th graders last year year were really bad.  I feel bad saying this, but they put me over the edge so much of the time I had a hard time enjoying teaching the rest of the school.  Anyways....here's how the week has gone.

1.  Started the week of with my ankle still killing me.  I'd hurt it Thursday teaching in the wrong shoes (stupid shoes are in the good riddance pile now).  Then of course ran on it Thursday PM.....because I am psycho training goal oriented crazy and didn't want to miss a run.  Well, I missed a run all right.  For 5 days!  So I went to the doctor afterschool Monday.  He said yep, looks like it's ........(I was so shocked at what he was saying I have no idea what he said).  You'll need to be immobilized and you can forget that marathon.  What???  Yes, I was on the edge of crying and throwing up in one swoop.  After being swept off to xray and back we put the image on the screen and he said, "Hmmm..not what I expected to see."  As a visual learner I KNOW what I saw.  An ankle NOT broken.  Thank the good Lord it wasn't.  I am sure had it been there would have been a depression issue to deal with.  Ice is now my best friend.  And my Birkenstocks.  This is now my lunch routine:

 2.  On that same day I met with a client about doing a custom painting for her daughter's room.  By the time I left I was up to 4 paintings.  Gotta love that karma.

3.  After that...I met with another client about a logo I had tweeked.  Loved it.  Yeah!!  Whew.  And this is all on MONDAY!

4.  I got my hair done on Tuesday.  I know, a tad cheesy to be sharing this with you all in cyberland.  But, you see I hate to get my hair done.  Takes too long.  Because it's, well long.  I needed a serious change though.  Usually when I am feeling this kind of need for change I whack it all off.  But instead I got bangs and fresh color.  So excited.  Like cheesy Senior in high school days excited.  I've not had bangs in 12 years.  Funny story here....I had this done Tuesday.  Thursday morning Billy comes into the bath to say goodbye to me and gives me a really weird look.  Then says, "you get bangs?"  LOL!!!!
5.  The elaborate dreams started Tuesday night about my PSW class this Sunday.  It's full....and I want to teach a little different which I am sure has stirred up all sorts of monsters and crazies in my head.  You see, I am a very vivid dreamer.  I totally should write these down and have them analyzed.  Or maybe not.  They may reveal my true crazy!  Anyhoo, the dream started with the class.  All of you were there except Mrs. Burdette.  She didn't show.  And I was irritated.  BTW  Mrs. Burdette was William's 5th grade teacher, then my friend, and now Mailey's 5th grade teacher, and still my friend.  So cool.  I was teaching you all amazing art tricks and you were making amazing work.  The dream then morphed into a scene of total chaos.  Husbands showed up to pick you guys up....then came the mud...and Lily running through the mud....and the boats....and more boats....and water.....and more chaos.  And then I had to pee.  So I woke up and the dream ended.  Seriously....I should ignore the mud part right?  It's not foreshadowing of my basement flooding or something icky like that, right?

6.  My left ear started its craziness....oh my ears.  Ever since I got the wicked lake ear disease 4 years ago I have had issues (FYI this is not a real disease but rather a disease I have made up since it seems the ear issues did indeed start after the WORST ear infection ever from Dad's lake).  It started Monday...of course.  I ignored it.  It got worse....I ignored it and the potential second $55 co-pay of the week.  By Thursday however I was ready to pull a Van Gogh.  No really.  And the total ironic thing, I'm teaching Van Gogh right now!!  Thursday PM I literally had to take a Vicodin to sleep.  And today all I want to do is this:
I'm teaching today.  Putting my big girl panties on and mulling through.  When I get to Dr. Burson I will in all likelihood loose my marbles.  It's ok.  He's seen me cry before.  Because it hurts to the core.  Like worse then getting my wrist tattoo. Sigh.

Like I said....weirdo week.  Let's see what else was weird...studio time?  None.  52 Canvas?  Not done.  I feel like the entire week has been an outer body experience.  I'm here but not here.  I've done stuff, a lot of stuff.  The house is clean, we've have had great home cooked meals, teaching has been easy...but something is just not right.  I'm hoping that the bag of double doozie cookies I bought last night will help.  And my 8 mile run will go smoothly.  A GNO to Jason Mraz Saturday night will be like icing and of course the PSW will be fabulouso....I should be cool by Monday, right?  I sure hope so.  I need to get back into this skin 100%.    If not I just might miss out on some potential greatness!


Felicia said...

I'm glad your ankle isn't broken.... and I hope your ear heals soon... take it easy Lady!!
Have a ball with PSW, and be kind to yourself.

Dianne said...

I hope next week is better for you!

Artsy Matilda said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair!
I think we all go through being a little "out of it" when the casual air of summer screeches to a halt and the scheduled chaos resumes. Hang in there, Jenni. It'll all work out, as it always does. Take good care of that ankle too!

Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

I think you are going through what's called transition ... plain and simple. You are going through some sort of growth spurt with the universe. It happens and you have to trust what's on the other side of it all, or the lesson to be learned.

Love the dream. I too am a vivid dreamer, and love to hear when other artists are too. Makes me feel not so crazy when I hear other not only remember their dreams, but they are a little to figurative and literal all in one.

Glad to hear your ankle is not broken, and I hope your ear feels better.

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