A Little Break

Lately it seems this is my life:

During lunch last week Billy brought me Chick-fil-a (rock star hubby) while I worked on not one but two computers at the same time.   And this is just one 30 minute break.  You should see how I roll during class!  No wonder I am literally hungry ALL day long.  With my training runs and teaching on my feet all day I am burning more calories than I am in taking.  I really like being called this:

Because she rocks.  And deep inside I think I rock too.  But this week we are out for Thanksgiving Break.  So I intend to hang with these two.  They can just call me "Mom".
 And hopefully my thankful hands can look a bit like this. 
Everyday I am so thankful that I have this life to be a part of.  There was a time when I really did not like any part of my life or anyone in it.  I am thankful that through love, support and time those days are behind me.  So this week I am taking off from blogging and FB so I can focus a bit more on being kind to myself and my family.  And showing them how grateful I am to have them as a part of my life.  I hope you have a lovely holiday week.  Blessing to you.

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Caramella said...

Oh, talking about hectic...I'm running around the office all day, getting tons of emails which all have deadlines, no time for grocery shopping and cooking...I know how you feel! That Chick-a looks good, too bad we don't have it here in Rome. I am following you from Rome. I will tell me mom www.saucysiciliana.blogspot.com to follow you too from Sicily. take it easy:)

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