Leaps of Faith

You know sometimes.....

Everyday I work towards this:
I wasn't going to talk about this here, but last night's dream was just too much and I feel like sharing.  You are my little support team here.  I like you guys!  An opportunity has come available to be an art teacher at a different school.  In a certified position.  Full-time.  And I've put in for it.  Since making this decision 2 days ago I've been a bundle of nerves worrying about leaving this school, the 350 babies I love, the teachers I am comfortable with, the parents who care and support me.  Then last night this dream came to me.  I am an avid dreamer by the way. I never remember the entire dream, rather snip-its.  This dream was SO vivid though.  Here's the scene:  I was at a swimming pool.  My children were there, Billy there, and some friends I think.  They were already swimming and having fun.  I was late for some reason.  I got my suit on and then immediately climbed up the high diving board to just jump in.  And then I got scared and wanted off the diving board.  When I turned around to go down the ladder, it was gone!  I was freaking out.  Screaming to get off the board...and yet my family was all in the pool cheering me on to just jump mom!!  You'll be okay!  And then Billy woke me up.  So I'm not sure if I jumped or not.  But symbolically.....danged if it wasn't telling me something!!
We all have to take chances in our lives sometimes.  Sometimes we jump in and loose our bikini tops.  Other times we jump and impress with a gorgeous swan dive.  How ever you jump, the point is you jump.  You take the leap of faith for yourself.  Luckily for me I have an amazing support team cheering me on, including my current principal.  I may not even get an interview.  But I might.  The important step has been taken, I've put myself out there.  I jumped into the water off the high dive in real life.
Now, I am waiting patiently (refreshing my email every 5 minutes) to see if I get "the call".  If I don't it's okay.  I really...really love my job here.  But if I do get a call, rest assured I'll do my best to shine in the interview. I'll be sure to keep you posted.  Thanks for listening!  And always being here in cyberland for me.


Melissa I. said...

You take that leap of faith, Jenni!

Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

Good luck Jenni. And it sounds like your dream is a reflection of how you are feeling. Take the leap, jump off the high dive. It will be OK. Best of luck.

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