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Red Ribbon Week was celebrated last week here at school.  I'd often wondered what in the world dressing up nutty for a week has to do with being drug free.  But then this year I got it.  Sometimes you have to figure out creative ways to make things stick in little brains.  We are of course competing with TV, computers, Ipods, game boys...the list grows every year!   Having a week to celebrate making a decision to be drug free definitely had our school in high spirits.  I just hope they remember 10 years from now when they are presented with a decision, they remember the right reason they had "crazy sock day at Arbor Springs".

My role in the week......well the counselor asked if I could have the kids draw feet with their names on them and hang the feet leading to the ballot box.  Very symbolic, right?  Well....ya know I can't do anything 50%.  This 100% project turned out so amazing!!!  Look at all the little feet leading to the ballot box!

400+ feet walking to pledge to be drug free.  It was a great week....dressing up silly and all.  Our hope is that they'll remember these pledges when the time comes.

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