Happening Around Here

As my studio time is very limited these days, I find myself drawn to simplifying other parts of my life as well.  I only work on the computer during my 30 min lunch break for instance.  I'm not following as many blogs.  I instagram a bit each day, but tend to not dwell on it.  FB...well unless it's linked to instagram just doesn't happen.  The election comments wore me out, so I decided that too many opinions were just that, too many opinions.  Perhaps it's the 6:00PM darkness, perhaps it's a change of my heart....whatever the reason some things that HAD to be done, just don't anymore.

We all have to seek balance in our lives.  I tend to burn a candle at both ends, buy a new one and start again.  So finding that balance is vital to my sanity as a mother, wife, teacher and artist.  This week I am extra thankful for a day off in the middle of the week.  I seem to have found a lot of balance on that day.  So here goes what I am loving and ever thankful for in my artsy life right now:

-Quiet studio time to work on several custom paintings and my 52 canvases....

-Long runs through the lake path and the neighborhood.  Man brisk weather makes running feel even more alive for me.  And my thoughts while running just keep leading to bigger and better things for the future.  I do hope these dreams come true!

-The beauty that envelopes me as I enter our home.  I love our home more and more everyday.  It's so warm and charming inside.  Between the two-legged and 4-legged family members I feel very safe and loved in our home.  Honestly I hate to ever leave.

-I am thankful that being a nester by nature is something my husband embraces and just giggles at.  As he walked through the door Tuesday night and had to step over drop cloths and paint cans I can' t help but be thankful he enjoys letting me just be me.

Other little things I am enjoying right now:  cooking new things for dinner, baking like a crazy lady, catching up with old friends, planning for a big race, loosing myself in the big bathtub, walking Lily to the bus stop so she can say hello to everyone in the morning, thrift store shopping for the entrance way re-model, putting together a puzzle with the family....and more.....


Beth HF said...

I love that path just want to run right down it! I know what you mean about time, blogging and such. My blog has been a bit neglected as of late. But I always check in here to see what you're up to!!

kimhicksartist.blogspot.com said...

I just picked up the latest issue of
Artful Blogging and wanted to say congrats for having your "52 canvases
in my 40th Year", banner featured under banners they love.

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