Custom Painting

I've been working like a wild woman on custom paintings.  I've decided I really like this idea...custom paintings.  First, you are making a client super happy.  That's a good thing.  Second, there's no risk of it sitting in your basement for 2 years going to every show never selling and eventually getting painted over.  Right?

This sweet client wanted a truck and a bike for over her boy's beds.  The beds are amazing four post twin beds painted red.  The quilts are an awesome "boy" plaid.  I think the end results are going to look so cool over the beds!  Below is the scarey stage of the process.
 Never fear, with a little scrubbing the end results are very lovely.  Rich in texture.
Yep.  I can't wait to visit Diane and get photos of the two rooms with the art work hanging.  Makes my heart full to know that years to come these paintings will be with the boys.

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