ART CAMP for Girly Tweens!

I know, I really should be blogging about my little trip away to Art and Soul.  But I had an epiphany today in art class and decided to share this instead!  This summer I am going to be offering Tween Girl Art Camps!!  In my home studio.  Woot!!! Woot!!!  I don't know why it hit me today and not like a year ago.  Well actually one reason did sneak up on me today.  I put out my art camp flyer for the summer here at school and already have had a great response.  I LOVE my little ones coming to camp.  I do.  But sometimes I worry that the older kids get the short stick because they take their time, finish things a little different and sometimes are rushed to finish since the little ones are done and crazy already.
So the dates...and the projects.  Well, the advantage to doing this in my home is I have a jewelry station already set up.  We will be making a stamped bracelet for sure like above, maybe even a necklace tag or two they can interchange.

And of course we'll be painting.  I'll be teaching the girls similar to my adult classes.  We'll start with a black background, draw with chalk, then bring the image forward with paint. 

Here are the details:

DATES:  Tuesday June 4th or Monday, June 17th (they can do both since there are so many options for subject matter in the painting and jewelry)
TIMES:  9:30- 2:30PM
BRING:  lunch, tennis shoes and towel
COST:  $55.oo per child
AGES:  5th grade and up only (and yes, just girls.  this time around anyways.)

We'll be walking down to our lake if weather permits for a picnic and some afternoon sketching by the lake.  If you are interested please email me at jennihorne@ymail.com.  I'll be glad to give you directions and more details.  Please feel free to forward this on to your favorite tween friends!  I am SO excited about this opportunity.    July dates will be posted at a later time.  I am super duper excited!!  I can't wait to meet your tweens.

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Melissa I. said...

I wish my niece lived up here! I would take her to both. Since camp is in the summer, can girls going into the 5th grade when school starts again attend?

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