A Week in Instagrams

I was looking over my instagrams for the week and thought, HEY...this would make a fun post.  So here goes:

The fun started Saturday when I finally talked hubby into taking the top of the Jeep.  Dang I love a Jeep.  Deep rooted love for a car is a funny thing.  The Adkins clan has Jeep running in its blood as thick as the Auburn love.  We hit the Saturday market in Peachtree City and then were off to a weekend of baseball!
Somebody got to go to a really late baseball game Saturday night to watch her brother play.  Somebody thought it was a giant tailgate party and she was the center of all the attention.  Complete with a hamburger from the concession stand and many crumbs from the ground.
Sunday games came around and still we'd not lost.  Woohooo...soon however a storm cloud loomed overhead.  Of course with a hard top Jeep you can't drive around the top rolled down on the back.  The top was in the garage!  So I opened up the giant umbrella we use for games and put it over the Jeep.  She's smiling I think at my complete cleverness.  It kept her dry!
 I was one proud Momma Sunday night when our boys won the State Championship.  They went completely undefeated the entire tournament.  Scored 62 runs in 6 games.  This little man rocked the bats and the catching gear.  I like watching him catch so much....in fact one play was so super cool the other team's coach yelled out, "Great catch superman catcher."  It was that good of a catch (and that wild of a pitch).
Moving on along to Monday I hosted another Tween class.  This small group of girls made the most amazing art.  Sometimes I get a tad overwhelmed with what I am able to get out of little hands.  Seriously.  I know that sounds like I think I'm all that, but teaching is a gift I am so grateful to have been given.
Tuesday was spent in the studio re-stocking jewelry for Asbury Station.  It's a cute little shop somewhere in Atlanta.  I've only shipped....but next week I'm going up with all these goodies!  And paintings. Yeah!
Wednesday was spent getting new cuts and color.  Just cut for this strawberry head below.  I feel like a new woman between the cut and color (It'd been 7months).  Fresh blond will do that to a blond.  I kinda feel like Wonder Woman and Miss America all at once.  Yeah.  Of course after I style it once it'll never look as good.  HA.
Then last night was Mailey's modeling class finale.  Good grief she's such a natural.  My husband, who has never seen her in action leaned over in the middle of the show and said with huge Billy eyes, "Jenni, she's really good.  Dang!"  I know...I've seen her walk before.  We just hope she gets some height on her so she do this later in life!
Then there's today.  We have a serious breeze going on in our neck of the woods.  And clear skies!  So I popped on the pink shoes and my headphones and strutted outside for a quick run.  Now, if you've read my blog for a spell you know running is my thing.  I love it.  Crave it.  But once I got so sick, I began to wonder if ever I'd get my stride back.  I used to run 3 miles and not even be winded.    It has been very hard for me physically and mentally to get back into this routine.  Heck, I'm even trying to figure out my body posture again.  It's just not flowing like it used to.  And then today happened.  Well, Tuesday happened first...I ran 3.55 without realizing it.  And today was 4!!!  So maybe, just maybe my body has healed.  Maybe.
Speaking of healing....we are still in the diagnosis stages of my illness.  I'm having a very, very good week though.  No stomach pain (totally just jinxed myself I bet).  Which makes me think I'm on the mend.  I am keeping a food and body issue journal and literally since February I've had chronic pain.  This week was the first week I've actually been able to write the words "no pain today".  You might can tell because I am up to my old busy bee do a hundred things a day mode!  Of ALL the testing I've had done, so far only one puzzle piece is still out there.  I really hope to know the result of that test soon.  So the real healing can begin.  Because until there is a final diagnosis we can't medicate.  Well, actually I won't medicate until the final diagnosis is in.  I am not  a pill for every ailment girl.  For now I'm going to steer away from shellfish and keep my feet running.   And pray for continued strength and courage to come from this with a knew perspective on living. 

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