Going Back a Few

The above painting is one of the 1st paintings I ever completed and loved.  It still hangs in my house on the staircase wall.  I love the innocence in it.  There wasn't any of me "trying too hard".  Just me, a huge canvas (really, not wood but canvas), a brush, and a few tubes of paint.  I've been thinking a lot about painting lately.  In fact, I've pulled a canvas Phillip gave me years ago from the storage area to paint.  I just can't seem to get started on it.  (It's HUGE....like as wide as a sofa and tall.)  But I think this is what I might try on it.  I think since the only painting class I had in college was watercolor I was trying to make the acrylics like watercolors on the canvas.  The effect is quite lovely.  And now I paint my canvases black!  How in the world did I get from point A to point B?
My girlfriend Ellie loved mine so much she had me make her one too.  It still hangs in her kitchen/family room.  I love the graduation in colors of hers.  By the way, these are circa 2006.  I think.  I didn't date it.  tsk tsk.  Hopefully I'll get to work on that big canvas tomorrow.  Be sure to follow me on instagram to see....I love to post photos there!  My username is:  artsyorange


Tracey Sunshine Dumont said...

Hey Jenni...I think it is always fun/good to go back and look at your earlier work..it's always nice to see how far you have come and to come back to peices of yourself that are good. That HUGE canvas sounds amazing!! :)))

Lana Manis said...

Your early art is beautiful! I especially love the colors in the first one. I used to work in watercolors, too. Nothing fancy, just folk art frakturs and such but when I switched to acrylics, it was different and I found myself watering them down like watercolors. I love your art nowadays, too!

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