My Artist in Training

They say we look alike.  I'm not so sure about that.  We certainly have different personalities.  Wow.  She's a spit fire one.  Full of confidence and crazy love for all people.  Really.  She has a charisma about her I wish I could bottle.  I hope no one ever dims the light that shines within her.
She started painting after attending Art and Soul Virgina Beach with me last year.  Honestly, up until that time although she always took my after school art classes there wasn't much interest.  In fact, in my after school art classes she was always the one who NEVER finished anything because she was too busy socializing and acting defiant towards me.  I'm secretly glad she won't be attending those classes anymore.  She was that difficult to teach.  The classes in my basement though, with the adults, she's perfect.   She gets a tad wound up if I don't help her right when she asks, but she finishes her paintings.  Which is a great thing!  I suppose there are no friends she's attempting to impress?  Just adults she want to impress.  In the right way.
This painting is by far my favorite.  I love the little collage fireflies.  And the little quote she found on her i-phone is super sweet.  I told her though if she keep painting like this we are going to have to start selling some.  She could easily set up her own etsy account.  She might even have better luck with it than I do.  hahaha!!

Well....off to sing at church.  A solo that is.  One day I''ll post a YouTube of me singing.  Or better yet, give you advance notice and you can come worship with me.  The closest I feel to my faith is through song.  In fact lately every time I sing I get freaking choked up during the song and have a hard time finishing the words!  Ya know you are connected when that happens.  And Happy Father's Day to all those out there reading this that are Daddy's.  Great day to celebrate the love and joy they bring to the family circle.  I'll be back later to share the rest of the classes work. 


Isabel said...

She is so talented great painting:O)

Artsy Matilda said...

The apple did not fall far from the tree! Lovely and inspiring. xo

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