Blast from the Past

I've been going through all my photos in this computer when I came across this one.  I just love it.  Lily in the chair with me (as usual), tiny Mailey creating right beside me, and that painting...that painting in the window.   Let's not mention my short dark hair.  What was I thinking?  Wow.

Sometimes I miss this tiny studio flooded with light.  So much goodness came out of this room.  So much. 

Well, I've been taking total advantage of this summer and filling it with a new kind of goodness.  My days are a little like this:  wake, run, sit on the porch with Lily and drink coffee, catch up in cyberland, piddle around the house, kids wake up finally around 11ish, we set out for adventure or just hang low here in our lovely home.  It's been a summer of little to do.  My body told me that's what I needed to do, so I'm listening.  In fact, after church today I came home with big plans to finish our bonus room.  But alas, Lily and I piled up on the couch and look a 2 hour nap then watched the Proposal. How awesome is that for an afternoon?  Yes.  This summer is unlike most blasts from my past.  But quite honestly, I think I just might remember more of this one than others because I've taken the time to be still, listen and observe.  How about you?

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