Daisies and Zombies (that title get your attention?)

 Howdy.  It's Sunday, June 2.  Sunday, June 2.  Dang.  I've been a complete and total slug today for some reason.  Well, actually maybe because since getting out of school I've been burning my candle at both ends and then some!  You know, typical Jenni stuff.  Gotta go, do, do, go, gotta, gotta....keep my mind off real life stuff.  And then hit a brick wall.  Kinda like today.  I was supposed to go watch William play in day 2 of a baseball tournament but a weird series of events has happened.  Let me just tell you about it. 

First I got up my usual early Sunday time and attempted to blog while the house was quiet.  But something wacko was going on and this computer wouldn't let me blog.  Urgh....So instead I sat on my porch, drank coffee and watched HGTV.  Cool right?  Then I decided what the heck, I'll go for a run before church.  So I did.  And managed 4 miles.  Woohoo....seeing as how I'm struggling these days to run very much or far.  Quick shower and off I drove in orange van to church.  Only I got to church, started towards the church and heard a loud hsssssssssing coming from the van.  Dang nabit.  Now what orange van?? (I'm just going to insert here that I am a tad freako about orange van since she is quite sickly.)   And there it was, a KEY sticking out of the back passenger tire.  Who does that?  Runs over a key just right so that it pops the tire?  Me.  So I jumped in the van and drove across to Auto Zone, who then said "I think the quick lube is open"  (my quick lube...love those guys).  So yep, they were open and were as flabbergasted as I that I had managed to inject my tire with a key.  A tiny lock key at that.  Quick tire patch and away I drove.  To the grocery store instead of church since it was half over at this point.

So I get home with bags of groceries and lunch.  We all eat and next thing you know I am about to pass out tired.  So I do.  No really.  Face first down on my bed.  Drool was involved.  Around 1:15 it was time for the boys to head to the game an hour away.  My plan was to ride with Billy's parents later while Mailey stayed home and then had Nana get her for VBS tonight at church.  Around the time Bill and Sara were to come get me the weather went nuts o' here.  So bad that Lily was in her panting I'm gonna pass out right now mom mental state she needs a straight jacket and maybe electrotherapy.  Mailey and her fear of storms were right there with Lily making my chest get ever tighter.  We made blanket forts and waited out the storms.  Which knocked out our phone lines.  That to me is creepier than creepy.  Dead phone lines that is.  I rather enjoy watching the rain in this house with a bird's eye view.

Needless to say, I did not head to William's games.  Kinda a bummer.  I hate missing him play.  Turns out weird stuff was happening there too though.  The 1st game they were to play was forfeited because the team they were to play had 2 players injured in their first game of the day.  A broken nose and a broken leg.  Now, William's been playing ball since age 3.  I have only one time witnessed an injury.  ONCE.  That poor team.  They will be forever haunted by those images.  So they had 3 hours to kill before the next game.  And then of course the weather we had hit them.  Looks like they'll get to play eventually.  And get home around midnight.  Seriously.  All I can think about is that dang tire patch holding and my boys getting home safe.  Chest is tightening a tad more.

And then there's tomorrow.  What's tomorrow?  Allergy testing.  (Oh that sucks you are saying right?)  My neighbor asked if I'd be going to the pool tomorrow.  I replied probably not because I'll be in a coma tomorrow afternoon.  Haha...no really.  With my luck I'll go into some freak coma after being injected with shrimp to see if I'm allergic to it.  I mean seriously there has to be a better way to see if you are allergic to something rather than injecting you with it!!!  Yeah....I'm still having health issues and this is just one of two really fun tests I'm having this week.  Folks getting old sucks.  But the great news is this is the 1st weekend in 3 weekends that I've not been doubled over take me to the ER now Billy mode.  Another weird happening.  In a good weird way.   Of course there are still a few hours left in this day.  Probably just totally jinxed myself.

Anyhoo, if you actually got to the bottom of this rambling blog post you win a prize!  Actually.  Not really.  I suppose this is all just really nervous energy trying to fight its way out of my system.  I find it easier for some reason to tell you guys, most of which are complete and total strangers what I am feeling than people here I can touch.  I was telling my family the other day that I had the best encounter the other day in a gallery in Newnan where I flat out told complete strangers that "yeah, I'm just trying to find my tribe here in Newnan.  For some reason I have trouble fitting in."  It's true.  I am a tough nut to be around, get to know and keep as a friend.  I know this about myself though.  Hey, the first step towards recovery is admitting the problem.  But if you are here in my little blog you already like me and are connected to me somehow.  You are my tribe.  Since getting sick I've shut down even more to those around me here.  Even to those I love the most.  Its just easier.  Easier to not talk about how shitty I feel every freaking day.  Everyday.  Everyday.  Easier not to talk about how scared I am. Except here.  I guess I do better with letters than with words.

So this week there is going to be a lot of poking and probing on this body.  Tonight I decided to fuel it with some seriously good red wine and a yummy Amy's pizza.  Movie candy and chick flicks are ready when Mailey gets home.  Since the rest of the week there will only be clear jello and chicken broth.  And I'll be most likely turned into a zombie.  Good grief, I need to get a grip.  So, I'll let you guys know what its like on the other side should there be an encounter.  Ok.  I'll stop now. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering.  Probably not.  But in case.  My favorite flower in the world is a daisy.  Like the one I painted above.  Which is about to be for sale in Etsy.  What you ask?  You have an etsy shop?  Why yes, yes I do.  And there are 10 original paintings sitting to my left waiting to be entered.  Ooooo.....keep an eye on my instagram for when they are up and ready for purchase!! 

My Instagram username is :  artsyorange

CU there....


Beth said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! I know getting older stinks...well at least the health part! Feel better soon!

Christine said...

Ohhh, Jenni.....you are like to rest of us who don't like to share with our family what's going on.....don't beat yourself up. It sounds like you deserved a good rest, too!!!

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