Doggie Cuteness

I know....this has nothing to do with art or my marathon.  It's just about cuteness running wild in our house.  He is so darn cute we can't stand it.  Above was a hilarious moment that is most difficult to capture in a still photo.  He was trying to get Ellie's attention.  Kept batting his tiny arms down at her and making his whimper noises that kill me they are so cute.  She ignores his existence at all costs.  He is going to work on her until she embraces him like everyone else in the house.
And this photo is of a car ride.  Now Lily on a car ride is fun.  She loves it.  Always has to be with the driver.  And since he's following her lead, he feels he has to be with the driver as well.  Making it very difficult to drive.  So we don't do this often.  Dang look at that face and that hair!

Ok...that's it.  Back to your regular program now.  Unless you want to stare a little longer at the cuteness, or make it your screen saver or something like that. 

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Millie G said...

We haven't heard the story yet of how Lawrence came to be with your family, have we? He is precious!

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