An Opportunity for Goodness

Every morning I wake, get my coffee and sit in a little room off our bedroom for quiet time.  I've got this awesome vintage green velvet wing chair I sit in (everyone in the family hates the chair, but I love it).  Usually Lily or Lawrence is with me.  It's important that I start my day off this way.  I find on days I don't get this reflection time I am quite irritable later in the day.  I was reading a Brene Brown book.  Now that I've finished that, I've moved on to a daily devotional type book I've had for a long time but never quite knew how to start.  Today's lesson was actually yesterday's because yesterday I slept like 15 hours straight and really could stand to be back in bed.  Yep...on top of all the calf issues now I have a blazing head cold.  So the painful truth is there is no way I can run the marathon this weekend.   And this message was exactly what I needed to hear. 

It's okay.  It's okay.....and perhaps there is joy in the middle of all this that is making my head spin.  Guys, I registered for this marathon in April.  That's how long I've waited and trained.  So wrapping my head around not doing it is just not possible right now.  I'm not mad or sad or anything yet.  Just a tad numb.  On top of everything...get this....my husband fell running Friday morning in the dark and from the looks of what is supposed to be his foot and ankle I'd say it's broken.  Another snafu in helping me get to and from my marathon.  I tell you....lots of roadblocks right now.  Leading me to believe a greater force is telling us to stay home.  Although there is a nudge in my heart to go down and run the half instead.  And maybe that is the joy that is supposed to come from all this.  Go down, run the half and kill my time from last year.  Take all this bad and turn it into something awesome.  Make this an opportunity for good. 

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