Nesting Instincts

This is the time of year I start getting restless to nest.  To make changes in the home.  To clean out.  I suppose it's in preparation for the holidays and making room for decorating seasonally.  For some reason though this year my nesting is more about purging than re-arranging.  I actually am very pleased with our current house lay-out and furniture arranging.  Wall colors are finally finished.  The kids rooms are a constant battle, but that's more about again, purging than redecorating.  Today I HAVE to get into the basement and start to clean up the studio.  I've got two workshops coming up.  This Sunday is for adults 12-4 and Tweens on Monday 9:30-1:30.  The Tween class is sold out, but I have a few spots available for the adult class Sunday.  Email me if you are interested in coming.  We'll be making a pendant similar to the one above and painting on a wood canvas.

Speaking of studios, this year we had an unreasonable amount of rain.  Unfinished basement plus unreasonable rain equals smellier than usual basement.  I hated being down there actually.  Nothing was getting visibly moldy really, just a few items that were wood.  But the smell.  I could only stand to be down there an hour before the sneezing and headaches started.   Honestly it's one of the big reasons I've been NOT motivated to create.  And have let the pretty studio become a dumping ground instead.  So I researched moldy basements and found this system here.  The Wave Home Solutions system is unbelievable.  I mean unbelievable.  I go to the basement now and it has no smell at all.  Like freako no smell at all.  Plus it's making the entire house smell better.  I still need to clean out anything that has visible mold and do a deep cleaning of the basement just to eliminate any unwanted cooties.  But the guy was right.  It was worth every penny.  In case you are wondering, it cost $900 plus installation.  Which depends on the type of installing they have to do.  Ours was very simple since we have exterior walls available.  So if you are spending time and money on a dehumidifier, stop. And look into the Wave.  It rocks! 

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