What I Heart Right Now

It's November.  November.  What?  When and how did the time get to this particular place?  November.  I am actually a fan of the cooler weather.  My Billy knew this, so in the Spring of 1995 he placed a little diamond on my finger to keep me in the south.  I don't mind.  At least we get a little winter.

Anyhoo...some things I'm loving right now:
-afternoon runs where it's cool and the leaves crunch beneath my tennis shoes
-watching the dogs run and like little wild things through the leaves that have gathered on our lawn
-sitting on the screened in porch watching Auburn football
-starting the morning off with coffee in my dressing room reading quietly a devotional
-re-arranging and re-purposing my art studio space
-making Thanksgiving plans for 14 people at our dinner table
-preparing for an art show in a new city, new state
-my art classes in general are making me very happy.  the lessons, the attitudes, the calmness of knowing I am where I am supposed to be right now is creating a gentle peace in my heart
-acupuncture sessions (which might be contributing to the above statement of calmness)
-new blog reads and instagram friends

The list could go on and on.  Of course, I heart that you are here with me on this journey.  I feel like the past year has been a bit rough.  Between the mysterious illnesses and the marathon training I've been a bit off.  But seriously, the morning quiet devotionals and my new found love of acupuncture I foresee some changes coming.  And hopefully you'll be able to see it here.  And in my art.  Because I am about to bust to create.  I've not felt this way in a super long time.   So I welcome the cold weather and the warm ideas!

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RETA said...

What a lovely BlogSpot! Thank you for writing! I love new beginnings and the birth of creativity! I wish you well.

RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

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