The Run that Might Not Happen

Yep.  Sigh.  I'm at that denial this is not happening to me stage right now.  These are the words that were sent to me earlier this week by my sweet doctor:

.....Also, the labwork that you did for me was all normal, including the muscle enzyme test. Once you get the ultrasound and x-rays, I'll give you a call.

My last recommendation is the following - if you are having pain in that leg, I would avoid strenuous exercise/activity as it might make it worse. This would include your planned marathon.

Can I cry now?  No really.  So here's what happened.  If you follow me on instagram you know that I rocked this run:
I ran 18 miles in like 3 hours.  Something nuts like that.  My mile pace was insane that day.  I was on a high.  Life was good.  Then that following week during a short run of 8 miles something in my right calf went nutso.  I knew immediately that this was not a good pain.  The next day I tried to run and absolutely couldn't.  So I rested and tried again on Saturday.  Of the 19 miles I was able to push through to 8.  I took more time off.  The next Saturday again, 8 of 12.  The next Saturday 15 of 20.  And then I hit the wall.  The pain is beyond intense. 

I took this photo above during a walk because I couldn't run, but walking was okay.  Now, walking, sitting, laying down, standing on my head, and everything else associated with being awake hurts from my knee down.  The pain has traveled to include the entire dang bottom half of my right leg.  I have a very high threshold for pain.  After unexpected natural childbirth with Mailey my body now is able to handle pain that normal people can't.  Plus, I'm pretty freaking determined to get those miles in and run the marathon.  In 8 days.  And I don't like paying co-pays.  That's $30 towards something much more fun.  So my going to the doctor took a giant slice of humble pie.

So I am still waiting for results on all the xrays they took and tonight at 7PM....yes, 7PM I am having an ultrasound to be sure there's no blood clot in there hiding.  I've been given these awesome pain pills that I can only take at night because they make me feel like I am Alice in Wonderland heading to meet the Mad Hatter for a widdle tea party. 

Oh...and of all things my husband was running this morning in the dark and twisted his ankle on a pine cone.  It's about the size of a melon now, and yet he went on to work.  We are crazy people in our house right?

So keep us ALL in your prayers for healing.  We are all sorts of off these days.  I'll keep ya posted on final tests.  Honestly I think mine is just one bad sprain that I  just didn't let heal.  Billy is the one that looks broken!  Hope you ahve a lovely Fall Friday.  XO Jenni

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Artsy Matilda said...

This post is all kinds of heart breaking. As a retired ballerina of many years with "the show must go on" mentality, I know you must be feeling totally devastated. Please know in your head and in your heart that I am pulling for you, sending you love and light, and throwing in some prayers for extra measure.

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