Bike Paintings

A few years back I started painting what I have dubbed, "The American Still Life". Basically these paintings are of objects that have some sort of fond memory for myself from childhood up until adulthood. And most of them have wheels.
Bikes, trucks and campers are some of my favorite to paint. I find that having this type of genre in my art booth really moves people, some to the point of tears. You see, I think we as humans gather and hold onto memories in funny ways. I can vividly remember being piled up in the back of our olive green station wagon surrounded by Barbies as we drove the 8 hours to Sarasota, Florida every year. I can feel the scratchy carpet on my skin. I can smell the plether seats. This vehicle brings back magic memories of our time as a family unit. We ALL cried when we sold the wagon and bought a brown Peugeot.
I can also remember my first real bike, down to the detailed race number on the front. How the rubber handlebar grips always blistered my hands. I remember riding all over town on this girlie dirt bike, making wooden ramps with the boys on the school basketball court every weekend. I remember when my little sisters brown cameo themed banana seat bike was stolen from our yard and how the police brought it back we were so scared. Why would someone steal her bike?
A friend of mine told me when she was a teenager her parents rented an RV and took off for the summer. Her memories of this adventure will forever be embedded in her mind. So you see, you don't necessarily have to be a bike rider, own a truck or camp in a camper to want to own one of these simple paintings. I find my art tends to find homes with people who embrace the story that accompanies the art or reminds them of their own story.
 Maybe by purchasing and hanging one of my American Still Life paintings you can open a conversation up with your family about, "remember that time we...." And then that story can be handed down to the next generation. What a lovely way to share your life, through art. Don't you agree? These are available to purchase at my Birmingham gallery, The Naked Art Gallery. Check Vero out, she has an awesome selection of artists.

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Isabel said...

Love them all!! I too love painting bikes so many memories of my bikes!

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