Take Your Heart With You...

So we did end up with a snow day Wednesday. And the snow never came. Just buckets and buckets of rain. I was so disappointed....this southern girl loves the cold and the snow. And boy was I dying to try out the new snow saucers from LLBean. With a snow day though I was able to get several little projects around the house done and slap some white paint on the giant painting I'd started over Winter Break. Woohooo!! Lawrence of course supervised the process. He cracks me up having to sit in my lap while I paint. The dogs really prefer when I sit at the art desk with the yellow chair. It's much more comfortable. He eventually fell asleep. And then fell over into my lap.
We really need to cut his toenails. Look at those things! Anyhoo....here's the start to the white paint. By the way I bought a fresh tube just for this 4'x8' painting.
Now you see why I placed the red so randomly and cray cray. I wanted the hearts to be softer and more like whispers in the background. If I'd drawn and painted them in it wouldn't have given the same affect. I just love seeing my work in progress. I take tons of photos along the way with every painting. It really gives a unique perspective seeing it on film. I teach this in my classes, to take photos of your art throughout the process. It's like knew eyeballs.
Speaking of eyeballs, these birds have some awesome ones right? These new bird designs are definitely going to find their way to a few more paintings. I want to make one with rainbow wings under a giant umbrella! Can't you see that? With heart raindrops. Oh boy. I need to get home and get into the studio asap.

I started another larger one right after finishing this one. I am loving it as well. Hopefully I'll get into the studio on Saturday for a spell. For now, I've gotta go teach a bunch of elementary kids all about the Underground Railroad Quilts and their secret messages. This is such an awesome way to crossover teaching history and art. I love my job.


Mary said...

Omg - total cuteness! Little Lawrence falling asleep while standing on your lap as you paint!

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