The Mirrors

About once a month I get an itching to go junking. Not looking for anything in particular usually,  just getting out and into shops that make my nose twitch from the smells and my heart thumping when I find the FIND. I like to fly solo on these adventures so if one spot I decide to hang an hour in and the next 5 minutes no one is waiting or irritated with me. I also enjoy being alone honestly. Teaching all day everyday you get over being spoken to. Do I hear an AMEN from other teachers out there?  hahaha....
Last Thursday I should have gone home and worked in the studio. But honestly I wasn't in the mood. Instead I headed off to a local antique shop and the Goodwill. These hand mirror were in an antique booth for $1.49 each. I immediately knew what needed to happen with their plain ugliness.
Vero, the Naked Art Gallery owner really prefers that we make our art from recycled products. Well, except the art, we all do tend to paint on wood panels and such. But her gallery is know for art that functions, is a little funky and is recycled. So I knew these mirrors would strike a happy cord with her!
I had to clear gesso and black prime them first. Then I painted with acrylics and sealed with clear spray. I hope the paint stays put. I listed them at $14 each and are available at the gallery here.
The mirrors fit perfectly in your hand and would make great Valentine's Day gifts for friends and family. So have you found anything cool lately and made it extra special? I love finding old treasures and re-purposing them. Wait til you see what I'm doing with my wine bottles!

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