Winter Break 2015

 Winter Break 2015 looked a lot like this for the Horne Family:
I know right? Slackers to the 10th degree. This winter break was a little weird because it's the first time in 5 years we did not go to Disney. Mailey really didn't want to be away for her 13th Birthday and it turns out my husband had a CRAZY work week. Like leaving at 6am getting home at 8PM for days including Sunday. Which, he teaches Sunday school so that meant getting up, teaching, then going to work until late. I hate seeing him work so hard but love that he does it so willingly to support our family. He didn't complain ONCE. I'd have been a big fat whiny baby if I had to work that much!  William made the high School baseball team again which meant he couldn't go anyways, so we decided to just put a little more money into the Spring Break vacation pot.

Anyhoo....Sunday-Wednesday I got up and decided that one room a day I would clean out from top to bottom. Starting with the laundry room, ending with my studio. It was such an awesome feeling to have the time to clean and get rid of just STUFF. We have so much STUFF in the Horne house. Kinda grosses me out. 

Anyhoo....once each project a day was done we either played, shopped, worked out or slept. The dogs preferred the last option the most. I did get into the cold studio for a spell and worked on this idea swimming around my crazy creative brain for a month:

I haven't had the energy to work on it again. I don't like working this large, so why I did it in the first place flabbergasts me. Hopefully we'll get snow tomorrow and I can work on it then. HA.
It was insanely cold in Georgia last week so the unfinished basement where my studio is was a tad nippy let's just say. I don't mind really, but my hands needed these cute fingerless gloves to work. I have to say it's a first.

William finally got to play his 1st real high school baseball game as a high school student. Tuesday and Friday games were canceled because of the temperatures, but Saturday they played a double header. 
He played catcher the 1st game. And his first at bat, 1st pitch he swung and HIT A FREAKING HOME RUN!!!!! I about died. I wasn't ready with a camera or my phone. I mean really?

I love this photo I did get of him running home with his teammates all at home waiting for him. Funny enough he didn't realize he'd even hit a home run because as soon as he hit he took off running like usual and as he ran towards 3rd said to his coach when he saw the team gathering at the plate, "COACH....did I hit a home run?" "Yes William...now keep running!!!!" Awesome right?
The last thing we did during the week was celebrate our baby's 13th Birthday. Oh man....really? When did she get so big. sniff...sniff.....

She wanted a huge boy/girl party. So we did it. And we all survived. Thank the good Lord above the weather warmed up just for that ONE day. They ate pizza, cookie cake, danced like crazy to really loud music and hung by the fire pit. She was so polite all night to us...not that she's not usually polite but she was overly nice to us all and SO happy. Like big old smiles. Of course having 10 boys at your house and 8 girls will do that to a 13 year old girl. Come to think of it they were all really sweet and well mannered.

So that was our week. In a nutshell. It was nice to come back to work today and get into a routine. So what's up next for the Horne family? Well...baseball. A lot of baseball!!  

PS...in case you are wondering that's a big pink dinosaur on her cake. It's what she picked. She has such a strange sense of humor.

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