Happy Monday!

Oh it's a happy Monday. 5 days and then we get 9 whole days off!!! I am so ready. Although I am a teensy sad, this will be our first Winter Break in 4 years not to go to Disney. The kids didn't want to go this year. Plus William has high school baseball games. Last year he had games but Mailey and I went anyways with girlfriends. I never thought I'd be the "Disney person"....I don't like have our family in stick figure stickers on the back of the van with Mickey ears....and I don't own a stitch of Disney clothing.....so I'm not that insane Disney....but I really love it there. You can't help but be happy. And where we stay I don't have to drive anywhere or cook or clean or do laundry! Yeah....that is part of the magic of Disney to me. And they have really good Sangria at the pool bar. I'm going to miss that.

Anyhoo....the above painting is for my friend Malena. She's an amazing clay artist that donated adorable clay hearts to all our retreat attendees. As a little thank you I painted this for her new home she and her husband just bought. I truly believe in supporting other artists and their creative journey. It brings me such joy to receive their goodness in my mailbox. I have several of her pieces hanging in my home. And now she has a new one from me to add to her walls. I hope it brings her years of joy. So what are your plans for this Monday?

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