Be Incredible

So a new year has rolled around. Yikes. And so very fast. Sigh. I find myself in a bit of a funk after the new year, every year. Don't know why really. I guess deep reflection has a little something to do with it. Did I miss something? Did I pay attention to what really mattered this year? Did I say thanks to my Husband for being here with me another year? Did I tell my parents I loved them? Did I hug my kiddos enough? You get the idea. I think my creative mind runs deeply to my heart and causes....well....an ache. So I take the time to sit and reflect on the year. I look through pictures, I read old blog posts, pour over my sketches and look for patterns in my life that were good and bad. So that in 2010 I can make better choices and live a more full filling life. In 2009 there were lots of changes, lots of chances taken and lots of well, fun! I am not one for "New Year's Resolutions". But rather take the time to recognize the doors that have opened and closed, and those that need to be padlocked! I have a new inspiration book. I love little books like these.....I can open a page and have my spirit lifted. So this one is called Be Inspi(red)...words of hope and courage. It's a Hallmark publication. And this is the page I want to start my year off with........
"Potential is nice. Talent is wonderful. But so few of us ever use what we have. You can make an impact that's better than nice and bigger than wonderful. You can be incredible." So, how are you going to be incredible this year? Because I think if each of us passed it forward that we were just that, incredible, we could unlock just about any potential that was keeping us from being all that we could be. Join me. Be incredible in 2010.

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