Ansel Adams Inspirations

I have always loved the photography of Ansel Adams.  In fact, in High School I had a HUGE poster of his over my bed framed.  There is something so magical about his photographs.  They are lonely, mysterious and calming.  I could stare for hours at the poster while listening to George Winston's winter tape and ponder  my little teenage life. 

This weekend while at the lake enjoying our last Christmas celebration it decided to rain on Saturday.  And rain...and rain.  And once the rain stopped a mist set over the lake that was as mysterious and quite amazing.  My sister Molly with her a new Canon Rebel in hand was all, "Jenni, let's go get some cool pictures of the boats at the marina in the fog".  OK.  So off we wandered down to the dock, umbrellas over head to protect not the hair on our heads but the fancy cameras in our hands.  She was busy snapping the boats.  While I saw this:

I'd like to think that Ansel would say, "nice compositions Jenni"  or "I can see the essence of your feelings through this mist on the water".  Yeah, something fancy pants like that for sure.  Anyhoo, I love my photos and think maybe I need to dig out the George Winston's winter tape.  It just might aid the rediscovering of 2011. 

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linwood avenue said...

first, i love the red umbrella addition. very nice. second, i whip out george winston winter (and summer) ALL the time. really, at least once a week. crazy!

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